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From Left to Right:  Maria Cristina Lodovica-Maher, Vicky "Ancilla" Ravinera, Florencia Flores-Tiu, Remigio Abacan, Ruby Campo-Dizon, Mariles Cacapit-Licerio, Dexter Atizado  - In Front:  Irene Abacan

Les Cacapit belting out a song by the Carpenters, Flor "Florencia" Flores humming along, and Dalisay Dinco minding the Camera man (Remigio).  

Another group picture by the troops:  L-R:  Remigio Abacan, Florencia Flores-Tiu, Maria Elena Mier-Nordenstrom, Remy Del Pilar-Mangawang, background:  Ruby Campo-Dizon, Fely Yabes-Diroy, Fely's Sister, (sitting in front row):  Maria Cristina Lodovica-Maher, Dalisay Dinco, Luz Alfaro, Conrado Alfaro, and Victor Hilado

Sorry Remy, sabi ni Les maganda daw ang kuha niya dito kaya kasali itong picture na ito.  It was about 7:00 PM and the sun was still up on the horizon.  The party was just starting to heat up.

Fely was kind enough to bake a Welcome Class 1963 cake complete with the number of years that classmates have not seen each other.  Well you should know the gang by now, except this one has Romy Dizon (Ruby Campo's husband - the gentleman on the left)

Remy's smile was just eye catching.