Front Row: (L-R) Evangeline Avanzado, Rebecca Santos, Mrs. Valera(Teacher), Mrs. Reyes (Teacher), Mariles Cacapit, Rosalinda "long legs" Casas, Violeta Magalong (mukhang Teacher),  Nellie Moscoso (mukha ring teacher)      (Back Row L-R) - Mamerto Isip, Bobby Villaneueva (class 65), Soledad Mendoza, Myrna Gacad, Rodolfo Julio, Melvin Flores (Taken in Front of Quezon City High School - 1989)


WOW !!!... The sheer beauty of our classmates.  Walang "retoke " ito.  Picture taken some time in 1988 during Marieta Fernando's visit to the Philippines from Canada.  L-R:  Elena Ureta, Sol Mendoza, Rosalinda Casas, Marieta Fernando, Vangie Avanzado, Mariles Cacapit

Erlito Dimaano in one of the gatherings and reunion of Quezon City High School.  He's a successful Civil Engineer and has just recently got engaged to a beautiful young spring chicken.  

 Hooray!!! Erlito... go for it....nothing better than the second time around, or the third time, etc... keep going until it works like clockwork.  

We only live once and we're meant to enjoy ourselves at all times.... remember that!!!



L-R:  Erlito Dimaano, Servillano Espejo, Myrna Gacad, Vangie Avanzado, Melvin Flores, Soledad Mendoza,  and someone's leg.    Taken 9-23-89 

Hala bongga!!!! . . . . . . .  Melvin Flores and Florenda Galoyo letting loose on the dance floor.... or was Florenda about to smack Melvin because he's twisting her arm???   Adelaida David in the background.....  circa 1989


Masakit ba sweetheart???    Sabi ko na sa iyo e hindi ko kaya ang mag-nurse.   Ganito ba talaga ang bagong tuli - lahat ibinabalot?  - - - 

Of course that wasn't so.   Shown here is  Mariles during a class party game.  Somehow she's  wrapping Servillano Espejo - Mummy style...

Hala Bira!!!! .... This is a "new" Melvin Flores you're seeing here guys with Sol Mendoza in the background.  Sol was  either dancing by herself or fixing the couch as Alipio Rivera looked on.

....Sol Medonza's house in Sucat..


Ah!!!!!    the joy of the "old inuman" session.... Cheers to the class and more whiskey please!!  L-R:  Patricio Luna, Servillano Espejo, Jaime Serrano, and Erlito Dimaano.......

"Drinker's Creed " 

Lord please give me the strength to finish this drink

And give me the strength to piss on the bowl and not the wall.

Should I falter and fall, let it be facing down so people would think it's Boy Tuason, who was drunk.

Mevin Flores asking Vangie Avanzado...... "Do you have your ticket for the chow line?   If not, P25 for the dinner, please"....   Bakit iyong iba nakapila na?   Party at Sol's place 9-23-89.   Parang wala silang ginagawa kung hindi mag-party na lang  ano?



Always and forever,,,, "The boys of 63"..... Alipio Rivera, Servillano Espejo, Erlito Dimaano, Patricio Luna, Nellie Moscoso (standing and only lady in the picture), Melvin Flores.  

(background person with stripe shirt must be Nellie Moscoso's husband) ---- Can someone tell me please!!!



BINGO SOCIAL .... 1989 -- Sponsored by Class 1963.  Servillano Espejo displaying his "political leadership" during the ceremonies.  Rodolfo Julio, Florentino Tuason looked on.


Boy "Tino" Tuason showing Vangie Avanzado how to dance --- or was it the other way around.  

Melvin "ladies' man" Flores dancing with Florenda Galoyo.  He's the only guy I know who can dance and smoke at the same time.   9-23-89


One of the few pictures taken of Servillano Espejo before he passed away some years ago. 

Three cheers for "Boy Espejo" as he was known in our neighborhood in K-5th Kamuning. 

Boy Espejo had always wanted  to run for political office.  I'm sorry that he reached the end of his line before this dream came true. 

Don't we all wish we were there as our classmates enjoyed a party or two?  L-R:  Vangie Avanzado, Florenda Galoyo, Sol Mendoza, Servillano "Boy" Espejo, Noemi Seno, Myrna Gacad (I can regonize her even when her back is turned).  Florenda's happy demeanor is simply eye catching.  Vangie as always sported the latest fashion statement.  Sol very conservative but letting everything hang loose.  Boy Espejo "teka muna, teka muna at tatayo ako ng mahusay.  Noemi Seno "sayawan na!!!... ano ba??"  

Taken Christmas 1985, Connie San Agustin-Eugenio, Melvin Flores, Sol Mendoza (striped shirt) - Sucat, Metro-Manila

1985 Party at Sol Mendoza's house - Dalisay Dinco (center), Noemi Seno, Baby Casas (back towards camera), Adelaida David, other guests

Pictures from same 1985 Party - Les Cacapit, Baby Casas, unk, Vangie Avanzado, unk (2)