Vangie:  "To all my QCHS friends- Words aren't enough to express my thanks in all your effort in trying to locate me.  I Love you all from the "Big Apple".  Vangie works as an Accounting/Audit Officer for the NY Park and Recreation Bureau.

Some classmates are destined to be scholars, some as distinguished lawmakers, others as ordinary wives and husbands, but Evangeline or "Vangie" for short has the word "socialite" written all over her.  But who on earth is Evangeline Lazaro?  Well, first off, we have two famous Evangelines in our class.  One is Evangeline Avanzado and the other, our featured classmate here Evangeline Lazaro.  Well, what's the difference between the two then?   The first Evangeline is Philippine-based, and This Evangeline is US based.  Both are attractive women, smart, and are both successful in their careers. 

Vangie Lazaro, if everyone remembers her like I do, is that person who's always saying hello to everyone in the campus.  She's that "mestisang bangus", who's tall, slim, and smiles at almost everyone.

She was a successful school principal in a Chinese School in Binondo, Manila before her immigration to the US.  Just like the rest of the QCHS batch, who migrated to the US, she's driven by the desire to improve her economic lot. 

Vangie has remained single and has been living with her mother, Marta, who celebrated her 85th birthday in August, 2001.  However, she's not without a family, an extended one that is,  because she still supports her nieces and nephews to school in the Philippines.

She first migrated to Los Angeles, California, where she stayed for six years.  Thereafter, she transferred to New York City, where she fell in love with the Big Apple's social life and stayed there ever since.

She currently involves herself with activities such as Charter President of the Manhattanites Lions Club, Newsletter Editor-In-Chief of Cavinti, Laguna Overseas Teachers Association, permanent Volunteer Staff of the Philippine Consulate on social functions.  She's also very active in helping our fellow "kababayans".

Vangie introduced now Senator Hillary Clinton to the Filipino crowd in NY during her senatorial campaign.


Vangie welcoming  Ernesto Maceda, former Philippine Ambassador to the US

Vangie and Salvador H. Laurel at the Centennial Meet

Vangie's a true socialite.  Her choices don't span political boundaries.  .... but who cares, anyone would pose for this picture.. taken at the NY Waldorf Astoria n 1999 during Imelda's visit

Vangie cajoling with Senator Robert Jaworski.  

Vangie and RP Dept of Interior Secretary Joey Lina in a meeting at the Philippine Consulate last September 1, 2001


With Laguna Governor Ningning S. Lazaro at the Calabarzon meeting at the Philippine Consulate -September 5, 2001

Miriam Quiambao as guest of honor during the Philippine Independence Day celebration

More of the Philippine Independence Day Parade in New York City

Marta Lazaro, Vangie's Mom, during her 85th birthday party with Redentor Barreto (Onel and Boy Barreto's brother)  and Phil Consul Oscar Rebong.