Josephine Batalla-Wade


Note: pictorial representation of how Josephine might look like nowadays..Subject to change without notice. 

     Hello! Warmest greetings to everyone. I'm so thrilled and very excited to be able to communicate with classmates from my dear old QCHS.Has it been that long? Time sure went by and we've moved on w/our lives but it's so good to see former "barkadas" and schoolmates with their loved ones even just in pictures.  I have been living in Canada for 25 years. My whole family moved here back in 1977.

     I'm a medical technologist graduate from Centro Escolar University;worked for 9yrs. at UERM Hospital in-charge of the OPD lab.dept.until we decided to join my sister here in the cold north.At present I'm working at Princess Margaret Hospital.

     I'm married to Charles who works at Bank of Montreal now under a new Dept. called Symcor.My source of this website is Marieta who's been in contact with me but I just recalled that Connie has written to me about it as well.  For the past few years I've been in contact with Sol and Connie thru letters.  But I got so tied up with work and family that I was'nt able to respond as I should have.I do apologize, please keep in touch and I'm looking forward to hearing from you people.