This is Erlito Dimaano, very shy, reserved, introvert, didn't have no love life, didn't  like sports, didn't like to dance, nothing...... so we thought!!!  

You guys were mistaken.  Lito not only can outdance you, he can also out-golf you.  He can out-drink you, and I bet he's a better lover than anyone of you combined.  How do I know that?  Simple.  He, like Tino "Boy" Tuason, got himself

a young "spring chicken".  Now you tell me "how on earth can a guy last with the company of a "spring chicken".  He he he!!!.... It's a trade secret.   Maybe it's the company that makes a man young or young at heart, but let me tell you Lito is the "main man".  Just like we say aboard ships "full speed ahead - mind your helm"
Lito before and after.  While we're all "lambanogs", he's like a great wine.  He gets better as he grows old.