Neil Eugenio


I’m Connie ‘Nene’ San Agustin-Eugenio, your tall and ‘thin as a reed’ classmate who used to hang around with Lulu Ticzon, Sol Mendoza, Remy del Pilar and Jo Batalla

Remember that  daggy, ordinary, plain Jane schoolmate? High school for me was a life of home-school-home – doing my assignments religiously, reviewing hard for tests with the barkada, and trying hard to maintain good grades. I didn’t have much social life then as on weekends and after school, I was busy practicing piano as I got a scholarship at Holy Spirit with the renowned Miss Agoncillo. (Her father was the one who made the Philippine flag). Kaya siguro payat na payat ako noon!

After high school, I went to UP and took up Political Science.  At 16 or perhaps 17, just like a normal teen-ager of that time,   I became conscious of  my looks, weight, and of course manner of dressing.   Goodbye "Twiggy!"" Hello Farrah!!


Eat your heart out guys!!!!..........

I then made a conscious decision to do something about my weight.  I remember having lunch at the UP canteen with Remy del Pilar when she commented how much my lunch was of rice and fried chicken.  "It was simply overflowing from my lunch box."  It always took a whole school period just to munch on my lunch.   Slowly but surely,  I gained weight and started to develop (mind you in all the right places at that!!!)   From then on... "Hello guys!!!"


It was on my 2nd year at UP when I decided to drop piano lessons using pressure from my college studies as my excuse, much to the disappointment of Miss Agoncillo. "Pero ang talagang reason was that I started to hit the night life going to parties and discos almost every weekend". Suddenly all around me was rosy and blooming; "I had a life!"  I was enjoying school and having fun with my social life at the same time! .

I originally planned to proceed to Law school but somehow, I got busy with my love life. So where did all these lead me to??   Well, what else? I got married in 1971 to Cesar Eugenio, who lived in K-2nd Kamuning near Ancilla Ravinera's home.


We migrated to Darwin, Australia in 1980 and were both lucky to find jobs in government rightaway. While in Darwin, I became very active in the Filipino community, and was elected as Secretary of the Filipino-Australian Association


We have 2 children named Eilleen and Neil.  Eilleen is now working as a Senior Auditor with the Department of Community and Family Services, while Neil is a sales assistant with Ex-Government Furniture. Eilleen no longer lives with us and owns her own house, which is only 10 minutes from where we live, but Neil still lives with us.


In 1983 we moved to Canberra, where   Cesar was hired by the Department of Health and I worked as Secretary to the CEO in another government department.

In 1994, Cesar decided to leave public employment  to establish a Filipino grocery store, money remittance and door to door parcel business.  I decided to do the same in 1998, and went into the real estate business. My weekends are now occupied doing weekend exhibitions of homes for sale.


My social activities revolve around the functions of the UP Alumni Association, Canberra Chapter and the Philippine Studies Group. During weekdays, I sometimes get short term contracts to do secretarial or admin work.  At present, I am with the Department of Defence.

I cannot ask for anything more – I was lucky to have Cesar who has been a great husband, wonderful father and a good provider. I am equally proud of my two children who have found their niche in society.


A Family gathering at the wedding of my daughter Ailene.

Michael D' Groom