Hi!  I'm Dexter Atizado.  Dex for short.  I live in Rodeo, California and work in Suisun City, near Remigio's house. I came to the US after teaching for several years at Letran.  Hi Vangie!!   I miss you!  I'll write more as soon as Remigio gets back from the reunion party.

Darn it!! I missed the 2nd reunion again.  Will someone tell me what happened?

Picture was taken last Christmas Holiday at Dexter's place in Hercules, California.  Shown here with Remigio and wife, Irene.
Dex is a superb interior decorator as you can see in the background.  He does his own decorating and has special decorations for every occasion.  

Picture shown here wth Ancy Ravinera-Gonzalez, Dexter Atizado, Flor Flores-Tiu, and Dexter's Mom, Priscilla.

Taken during the occasion of Flor's visit to the Bay Area on May 27, 2002.

Dexter with Tina Ludovica-Maher and Mariles Cacapit.
Flor and Dexter reliving the good old times during our high school days.
Remigio, Flor and Ancy taken May 27, 2002.